Every Friday many students of SAU16 go home to empty cupboards, not knowing if they will eat over the weekend. It’s possible that their next meal won’t be until they are served school lunch on Monday. You can help fill these cupboards and bellies by donating to the Rotary Club of Exeter food drive.

The Rotary Club of Exeter is proud to work with the local non-profit, End 68 Hours of Hunger, to collect peanut butter and jelly for the students of SAU16. Preferred food donations are peanut butter and jelly in plastic 16 oz containers that are easy for the youngest children to carry home.

Where can you donate? Between October 15-31 the Rotary Club will have bins placed around Exeter and Stratham at Shaw’s, Hannaford’s, YMCA Exeter, Exeter Public Library, Christ Episcopal Church, Unitarian Church, and the Brentwood Baptist Church.

Rotary is one of the largest international humanitarian service organizations in the world. The Exeter Rotary Club conducts many community service projects and supports local non-profits whose work benefits those that live and work in the Exeter area. 

END 68 HOURS OF HUNGER  ~ Exeter Program (serving SAU 16)

End 68 is a NH based non-profit with a mission to help meet the needs of local SAU 16 students who are food insecure. These kids confront approximately 68 hours of hunger between the school provided lunch they receive on Friday afternoon and the breakfast they receive in school on Monday morning. End 68 hopes to end childhood hunger in America, one school at a time!

The Exeter program provides 100 backpacks each week to kids in all the elementary schools, CMS,  EHS & the eLearning Charter School in SAU16. Each backpack provides enough food for weekend meals & costs approximately $10 to fill.